Every woman (and I bet most of the men too) is familiar with the story about four emancipated successful thirty-year-olds who are trying hard to remain independent but at the same time want to find men who will love them. The cult series „Sex and the city“ spread over the globe like wildfire and almost instantly won over the world together with numerous awards. I, personally, fell in love with the show the second that main protagonist Carrie Bradshaw and hers extravagant fashion style entered the room. Hers dressing combinations proved that unmatchable matches.

Do you remember hers little apartment in New York? Bedroom, which was the central part of the apartment (except the wardrobe, ofcourse 😉 )? Yes, that was how it looked… nice and cosy bed with alot of little pillows on top of it, old parquetry, harmonic neutral tones and a great deal of misplaced books and pictures on the wall. Perfect bond between modern and comfortable enriched with vintage pieces of furniture. My dreamroom „Style and the city“ was inspired by the virtues of that apartment in eclectic style.

Can you find little of bit Carrie Bradshaw in you?