This is the most famous furniture fair as far as I know, and for me, personally, it is even better than IMM Cologne in Köln. All of You who are either working in this bussiness branch or just a lover of esthetic housing should at least once visit this fair in Milan. Of course, when You are already in Milan, do not miss a chance for high quality shopping in big designer outlet centers. My suggestion is to visit In fact, take few extra days off and slide down the coast to Monte Carlo and enjoy a coffee right next to the sea.

Milan fair is well organised so it is easy to navigate through the pavilions. Every pavilion is worth of visit so I will not pick out designer or style ones, neither lighting or kitchens. In addition, kitchens and bathrooms are exhibited every two years, so the next 2014. fair will have more content to offer. Minimum time needed for complete fair walkthrough is 2 days, otherwise inspirative impression is too strong or You do not get to see enough.

All renowned names and brands are represented,  so it is not uncommon to see people lined up in front of entrance of some exclusive fair content. Therefore, if You do not possess bussiness card which You can give, forget about entering some of the exclusive brand fair areas. The sole purpose of that is verified and quality promotion with the goal of extending the client base (because later on they send You newsletter e-mails). Taking photos is also a topic for itself, owing to the fact that it is forbidden, but again smartphones snapping everywhere, so you do not have to be James Bond to not get caught by security. Since years bring experience, I have a handful of tricks up my sleeve and I am not afraid of using them. In conclusion, fair is somewhat exclusive and this year’s topic „interiors of tomorrow“ surpasses all of the expectations. Every style is created for You to like it, or to inspire You in any way. I love this job because when everything is put in the right order it has to come off the best possible way J

In that manner,


slika 1

Pure lines, modern furniture and harmony of colors in showroom from Poliform. I notice right away the quality materials on the furniture (for which I already know they are quality, because I used them in some projects) but nonetheless I am feeling constant urge to touch the sets like I have never seen one, let alone sitting in one J I remember one friend who has the custom of smelling things before buying, haha, I should have brought her, it would be pleasure to look at us from the side.


House Versace presents its luxurious interior which surely is not made for everyone. If You like gold color( abundance of gold color), baroque elements and heavy, extravagant and expressive fabrics then it could perfectly match your style. It is implied that your trademark is Medusa’s head.

slika 3

Diversity does not belong only to living room or some other daily room; here is an example that it can look great even in the bedroom. If nothing else, at least You will have a good laugh in it, and that is already something.

slika 4

I love all kinds of modular systems since I can experiment with arrangement all day long or respond to the needs of investors. You have the beginning and the end and that is the whole story. Twils are experts of their class because they even offer possibillity for built-in lamp modules. Terrific!

slika 5

Modular system in blueish shades.

slika 6

You can not go overboard with fireplace! If You have a possibility for fireplace construction do not think about it twice, immediately start the project implementation. Game of the shelves and fireplace simpleness on the picture are O.K., and neutral colors are just fine.

slika 7

Why did this interior attract my attention? Well it is because of the headless man! Definitely cool and extravagant picture on the wall.

slika 8

Maybe wall and floor coatings seem a little of the grid and too much, it is only like that on the pictures. Room looks much better alive. Although geometry shapes are repeating, they are repeating in different materials so the end result is harmony and clearance. At least for me.

slika 9

Here is a picture of one showroom from the outside. Most of them are designed like this, if not more striking, all with the purpose of making the biggest fuzz and getting the biggest part of the attention cake. Recognizable Kenzo flowery pattern on glass surrounding.

slika 10

Again Kenzo home collection. Very profound furniture, a mix of stylish and modern in fascinating colors. Really expensive and really pretty!

slika 11

In luxuriously configured space with elegant and decorative items You feel powerful and sophisticated and You instantly start thinking about living in a penthouse with the Central park view! Yellow leather arm chairs are emphasized, and the choice of the materials like wood, glass, mirror and leather on the floor only contributes to that profoundness.

slika 12

Pavillion „Visionnaire“ Ipe Cavalli is one of the above mentioned exclusive ones where You will have to wait to enter. Cavalli’s concept is successful as it is combination of fashion and furniture. Playful collection which is inspired by the classic elements of baroque, Mediterranian culture and modern design.