Every year manufacturers, performers, designers and lovers of sophisticated interior meet in Milan on furniture fair. I already wrote about last year’s fair, so this time I will shorten the text and talk through lots of pictures. Of course, event should not be missed because there is always something new to see. I can say that this time Milan remained in memory not only for its fair, but also because of the good Italian cuisine. Mhm, yes… because of lots of good Italian food 😉 When we are already talking about Italian delights, I have to mention their fashion and their special clothing style. There is no way that, during the walk on famous Via Montenapoleone, you can see a person who is not absolutely fashionably adjusted. Young and old, everyone is stylish. It is simply charming to watch them while you are sitting in one of Milan’s bistros eating mango flavored ice cream. They are masters, not only in furniture, fashion and food, they are also first in the world who create trends. One of the trends, which I percieved rather quickly, is that men are eager to wear beard again, in contrast with raised forelocks and casual daily combination. And women are showing off in their latest shoe and hand bag models. And they all do it with such ease and unobtrusiveness, as if they posses that one gene responsible for beauty. Probably they do.


Enough about Italian lifestyle, let’s go back to my favourite terrain and topic ;). This year’s fair is larger because kitchens and bathrooms are presented in addition to other furniture. Of course, I too have searched for this year’s novelties and trends. Here, I picked for You some of the most exquisite interiors, arranged as a patchwork, so enjoy them and let them inspire You.

La vita è bella, Klaudija