HOME: Let’s fall in love with your home again!

APT to 35 m2. The new look for Your small apartment? Get things done in 7 days starting from €250,00.

APT between 35-60 m2. For every place You got I have a fresh idea. Enjoy in modern living starting with just a few details from €290,00.

Large APT/House to 100 m2. Remodel the place You call home and love it every single day. Get remodeling plans from €450,00 in just 7 days.

Up to 100 m2. Optimize Your living area, remodel space, redesign details. New design (plans) for Your space from €490,00.

Living room, kitchen and dining room together are the living area. The space You live in is the soul of Your home. Refresh it and renovate from €190,00 from ground up.

Bedroom + closet + bathroom can be a part of a sleeping area. Do You need rest? Do You know that one detail can separate You from good night sleep? Try something new from €190,00.

Soul of Your home opened to others is visible only through living room. Make it Yours from €150,00.

To take a bite or make a meal is much more fun in place You like and love. Redesign Your kitchen from €150,00.

Do You know that even You bed position can determine Your good night sleep? Let me do the best for You from €150,00.

Want to remove 1980’s from Your dining room? Or maybe make to look like 1980’s? Starting with €150,00 I can do it for You.

C’mon! You just know You could redesign Your bathroom. Let’s see how new tiles can make change starting from €150,00.

Let Your kids room grow with Your kids. Reorganize space, sleeping area, closet space and more from €150,00.

Ever dreamed about walk in closet? Now You have a room for it? Let’s see what we can do starting from €150,00.

Idea. Motivation. Creation. No distraction. Home office must have all of these. Find out how starting from €150,00.

Playing is…fun?! Let’s make it even more so! For Your kids, their guests and yourselfs from €150,00.

Make the basement something else than just a warehouse for things You “might” need. Find out how starting from €150,00.

You can put the sunroof, lights, and You’re already half way there. Few details and we have project from €150,00.

This is the space that says “Welcome home” or “Welcome guests”. Make a good one starting Your project from €150,00.

Redesign Your terrace from storage space to place of rest and siesta. We can make it happen with starter project from €150,00.

Workout needs air, air needs room, room is called gym and I would be happy to help You build one. Project starts at €150,00.

BUSINESS: Keep your workspace creative!

Unlike studio, office IS Your second home. Make it creative, make modern make it functional starting from €390,00.

Your shop can earn more just by redesigning few segment. Don’t know how? Let me help You and Your sales from €390,00.

If You want to offer Your customers something more and make them satisfied think about redesign starting with €490,00.

A space for professional workout. I would be happy to help You build one. Project starts at €150,00.

ENTERTAINMENT: Stylish interiors at first glance!

Make Your coffee shop with theme, statement and attract more customers, daily. Simple idea project starts with €490,00.

Just a simple refreshment and remodeling of Your space can make a difference. See what I can do for You starting from €490,00.

If Your missing the Lounge point than Your missing the customers. Think about it and redesign from €490,00.

Clubbing needs idea. It realy does. If You have one make it real with just a little help from me starting with €490,00.