How It Works

Carefully selected three categories (Basic, Visual and Advanced)

Each of our three categories are carefully designed and statistically grounded out so that each of them could become a sustainable project due to start, the different needs and completion of the project. Each of these three categories has one exceptional and competitive advantage in comparisment to the classical approach (offline), and it is saving. Save your time and money without losing any of the available segments compared to the classical approach.

The first two categories – Basic and Visual – are designed to help the client, so that I could provide a stable foundation for changes of living or work space, and all that with minimal financial costs. These packages, and I, will offer you everything you need to visually arrange and decorate your space exactly the way you want it, and I will convey all your thoughts, ideas, inspiration and personal requirements in the implementation of professionaly and with quality.

Advanced Category, like its name implies, provides my customers everything. At one point you get all the segments that are required for spatial redesign and after it you can go directly to implementation. I will collect every detail that is required, each material that is to be used. Yes, even the lamp you found on Ebay will be entered into the project so that we could say that we have created yours: Ideal space!


Traditional (offline) VS online

OK, do not immediately think that the ability of our creative meetings via the Internet excludes traditional way of business. It certainly does not, but I have the experience and multiple projects done in the past so I can offer this online service. An option that will not only save your time and money, but also allow my easier access to you, wherever you are.
Truth is, the traditional method is still much better way to get to know you as a person and to convocate with your space. In essence, it is the perfect way, but … We must admit that we are sometimes limited by time, space, finances, and yet we want something creative and inspiring to do.
I wondered what if you could deliver to me everything I need; layout, photos, your ideas, survey? What if we could take full advantage of the possibilities of online communication (because, even in traditional way of doing business communication via email and / or phone is frequent)? Thus was born the idea, the idea was put on paper, and the paper was replaced with this interactive Web site. So, let’s get into online collaboration, creation and realization!
Of course, if your project demands it, I’m always willing to “go out into the field” and traditionally start with yours, ours, new project. To our mutual satisfaction, as always.


Delivery times in online project

Delivery time for the first category, Elementary, is one week.
Delivery time for the second category, Visual, is 2-3 weeks.
Delivery time for the third category, Advanced, is 3-4 weeks.


Explanation of services within the categories

ANALYSIS – Tips and suggestive ideas for optimization and development of space based on the current situation; furniture layout, color or the type of furniture
DISPOSITION – Layout with suggestive ideas and solutions for the optimization and development of space based on the layout of furniture or walls
INSPIRATION – The photographic collage that shows the recommendations of furniture, lighting, materials and decorative elements in one place (inspiration board)
TRIM / COLOR – Blueprints of design solution for wall and floor coverings + cross-section of the walls, and a description of the visual display of wall and floor coverings
RENDER – Professionally designed, photo-realistic visualization in the computer program to display 3D space/room
LIGHTING – Layout design solution with lighting disposition and lowering the ceiling + description and visual display lighting and the ceiling
DETAILS – Furniture and decorative forms tailored + detailed description for making custom furniture for carpenters + 3D display for visual display
ASSESSMENT – Shortened overall project cost estimate with prices of furniture, lighting + contacts with links performers