Are You are sick and tired of the conventional city guides where the same things are being repeated over and over again? Something like: „do not miss a chance to visit The National Gallery on the most famous London’s square, Trafalgar Square“ or „what makes London worldwide recognizable is the Parliament and  wall clock Big Ben“. Bla, bla, bla.

I am not suggesting that you should NOT visit all of those famous sights, if you ever find yourself in London. The point is  that you would be surprised to see what London has to offer if you take a step back and view it from a different perspective. My view of the city in which I am for the first time is from „facade“ perspective.  You have certainly heard about bird’s eye, central or reverse perspective but facade perspective was probably not on your list, was it? Too bad, you don’t know what you are missing, because one simple facade has a lot of stories to tell about one city. That is the reason why I am magically attracted to facade or frontage, whether it is a private house or public object.  That outer layer reveals you the unbiased beauty, quality, style, value, history and years. It simply makes you fall in love with it at first sight and wins you over. Or it does not. Even those completely battered, old, and uncared for should not pass unmentioned because they are in their own unique way charming and most certainly deep down they are hiding their real beauty. I remember my father, an architect at heart, who would probably suggest that I head to the construction area with a crane and shovel  if I fancy bricks so much.

„London facades“ are indeed well equipped: stone, wood, glass, concrete in every possible variation. You could watch its compelling diversity all day long. I was also impressed by one shop-window (here shop window is the one forming outer layer of an object) of a small gallery hidden in an alley near the Bond Street. Sculpture of a nude woman in gracious pose, whose body is illuminated by the sun making the statue look as it was covered with little shining crystals.

Plain facades can also be works of art. For all of those who still remember this city by its well known sights, my photos can serve as wall decorations.  They will look particularly good if you put different facade photos in identical frames because they will most surely freshen up your wall. Or you can make grayscale photos (black and white) , align them as patchwork, print them out on translucent fabric and hang them as curtains.

Try something out and next time when you find yourself in a new city, look at it and feel it from a completely different perspective.

Walk and open your eyes because every observation is just a matter of view, isn’t it?



slika 1

This picture looks just like a postcard, red played it’s role and showed it deserves to be called the most effective color. Connection of wooden panels colored in red and concrete building’s background in neutral shades is a true eyecatcher.

slika 2

Louis Vuitton is the most famous brand in the fashion world. However, if You are not a big fan of that style, maybe You will like frontage of their store in the most expensive London’s street, Bond Street. Everything looks luxurious because the mere facade looks like gemstones.

slika 3

Rolex street lamps? Why not, the point is not have a Rolex on your hand, rather to have it in front of your house.

slika 4

Dark wood with green shades, golden colors. Good Tiffany&Co house combination!

slika 5

Frontage of their famous store. Playful facade details which remind you of neobaroque times from 19. century.

slika 6

The Royal Arcade is built in elegant victorian style. Inside, You can find old silver, hand made shoes and gourmet chocolate.

slika 7

Look from the inside of Royal Arcade shops.

slika 8

Really interesting sculpture, draws your attention so You have no choice but to enter the galery and look around.