It’s pretty unusall that, for all those years I spent living near Frankfurt, I haven’t once managed to go to worldfamous “Ambiente” trade fair which is held every single year just in the suburbs of Frankfurt. Well, why go the easy way when you can just as well travel 1000 kilometers all the way from Zagreb, Croatia:) O.K., it’s not the most simple or smartest way but it’s more than exciting just for simple reasons: traveling, going somwhere and seeing something.

More than prepared for marathon-like hiking through the halls of this fair, along with my manager/consultant/friend Petrana (my own 3 in 1:)), we were excited to find out what’s new in world of deco, furniture and gifts for this year. Going through showrooms of worldfamous companies I couldn’t get away from the impression that the cool, in, or whatever you call it thing is to have an animal in your home. Horse, frog, owl in all the possible shapes and materials from cheramic, fabric or wood are just few of the ones presented byside the furniture as decoration. BTW. every single shoowroom was aranged just perfect in every possible way.

A lot there is to see in domains of cheramics, fabrics and glass. Everything is so perfectly decorated just to let you know that all the small pieces you see are made for making any interior filled with design signature. Regarding colors in the world of decorations all I can say is there is no IT color or even colors cause every company tried to complement every color there is.
Trade fair is divided into 3 main themes: dining, giving and living. There is more than 4700 companies from more than 80 countries presenting their best to more than 140 000 visitors (that’s just a simple info I copied from fair catalog to show you that even we, women, can get along with numbers:)).
After all, I’m more than satisfied with this trade fair. Germans really know how to organise everything. Next year? Probably 🙂


What’s the time?


From ceiling? Well, if not on your had is there a better place for it?! Awesome idea!


New trends in decorating interior: oversize and supersize everyhing, ‘thoug it works well only in oversized spaces.


Straight from streets, a car as decoration. Well, why not?


Supersized #2


R&R house somwhere far from everyone?


You can really see what you can feel adn that’s the wallpaper made out of gray horse hair.


Lighting plays a major role here and those spotlights are just awesome!


Black and White with contrasting red roses. Any roses for me? Ha?


Purple is raining! Petrana couldn’t be dragged away. She’s still there, I guess!


Luxury, posh and wealth…something missing? Yes! That armchair in my house!


Orange is not often seen in interior design. It looks great to me, it’s just a bit hard to get a good shade. I use pastel or slightly lighter version.


Resting between flowers and panels of red string. Just keep it happy!



Wild Wide West! When you have a hat you must not miss the gun! Bang, bang!