My new design adventure…


Klaudija Zubčić

I love it when my clients, and anyone else, feels comfortable and cozy in their home. I just love the process that leads up to that single moment when I see the smile and joy on customers faces presenting them the project of their newly decorated space.
My interior designs are dominated by neutral, warm and harmonious colors, comfortable furniture, contemporary design and high quality and beautiful texture. This is the meaning of the completion and the whole interior design idea. Thus I’ve achieved my goal for every client; the home warmth, comfort, peace, relaxation, and idea that clients must feel the space and be surrounded by beautiful things I’ve chosen for them.
You know that feeling when you have an idea on your mind, and you are not sure which way to put it on paper without getting lost (in translation :)?
Roughly something like that started my design adventure… design projects and services can be accessible to all and everyone, in an easy and fast way through online communication.

The idea of “online” space designing was born several years ago when I helped dear friends of mine to redesign their new home, but due to distance I was not able to go and do the “field work”. That’s why they sent me dimensions, floor plans and pictures that I needed to be able to edit their home, and on conclusion they got redesigned space and 3D images from me.
At that moment I realized that everything went without complications, with ease, fast and with quality standard I always demanded on my projects. The idea is born: Why don’t I offer my services to everyone this way? Why not share my passion for beautiful and functional interior?
In the brief time span my idea was poured into the project, the project turned into a few simple steps that led to this website. Through it I am able to offer my creative experience, I can offer knowledge of how something can be functional and beautiful. Succinctly put: way to your dream space is only a single mail away.
Get me inspired. Give me the details and we will create a whole. Let me inspire you. My approach is always personal, creative and dedicated to offer you the perfect space. Therefore; with great enthusiasm and excitement I’m ready to step towards our common design adventure!

Finally, I hope you like my style of spatial planning and ideas with “new” way of communication. I’m sure you are confident enough to go to one step further to Your dream space and that this site and its information was helpful? I just wanted to show You how simple the entire process can be.
Step up to the architecture and design should be quick and affordable in any sense, and You should get the maximum from the current situation (be it a floor plan or life in general :).
So I still hope for good communication and thank all those who I have already helped to achieve their ideal living or office space.
Everyone else I want to inspire with my Dreamroom’s.

Sincerely Yours,



Sincere lover of architecture and design, with a great support for developing Your own sense of style are single motives that lead Klaudija in every business projects. She combines those two aspects in the perfect combination of interior design, harmony precision and spontaneity, hedonism and pragmatism. Born in Germany, she was associated with the construction since childhood through family business and over the years this passion for interior architecture just developed more and more. So, there was no doubt in which direction will she be directed as the school and college student and all of that on relation Germany-Croatia. Creating the ideal space and individualized space is a guideline in every project. Never the less, her collection Dreamroom is worth more than 1000 words.